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 L2citadel (CP apply)

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L2citadel (CP apply) Empty
PostSubject: L2citadel (CP apply)   L2citadel (CP apply) EmptyFri Feb 13, 2015 8:29 pm


What is your in-game name?: R0bban . Ea, Steez, Extence, xpl0de, sekyiwa, kaza , psychopathic, Cyroid,

Class, Level, & Gear: `
we have 3 subs in party
R0bban - Cardinal 76+
Ea - EE 75+
Steez - WC 76+
Extence - paladin 72
xpl0de - AW 72+
sekyiwa- PW 73+
Kaza - SWS 74
psychopathic - Destro 75+
cyroid - BD 74+
Location and Time Zone:  International CP (prime 18:00 - 24:00)

Age: 25+

Can you speak, write, and understand English?:
Yes. we can
Lineage 2 History:
We are mature l2 players. We play since C4
Why should you recruit me?
We are full CP. We want to have some action and take side in sieges and epics.
How many hours do you play a week?:
We play daily 6-8 hours (as full CP )
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L2citadel (CP apply)
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