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 Latura app for L2Citadel

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Latura app for L2Citadel Empty
PostSubject: Latura app for L2Citadel   Latura app for L2Citadel EmptySat Dec 27, 2014 6:35 pm


What is your in-game name?: Latura

Class, Level, & Gear: ???

Location and Time Zone: Portugal Gmt+0

Age: 24

Can you speak, write, and understand English?: Yes and i can use vent/ts3/raidcall

Why should you recruit me? Why not? I could be using words to describe my position but it doesn't matter, you must see it in-game!

How many hours do you play a week?: It will depend. Each day i can play 4 - 12 hours.

Ventrilo/Teamspeak/Mumble: yes

Do I know anyone?:no! I just saw some videos of you and you seem organized.

I play l2 since c3.

Class i would like to roll: TAnk, Nuker, BP, EE but i can fill.


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Latura app for L2Citadel
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