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 NoAdvantage L2 Substack - Classic 1.5

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NoAdvantage L2 Substack - Classic 1.5 Empty
PostSubject: NoAdvantage L2 Substack - Classic 1.5   NoAdvantage L2 Substack - Classic 1.5 EmptySun Oct 11, 2020 2:13 am

• New Substack 1+1 server is comming! *You can add subclass at lv40 for free. All skills are stacking. Same race only.

• Classic 1.5 (it will be upgraded after 1 year to 2.0, but no higher than 2.0, because we believe that true L2 ends on classic 2.0),

• flawless files (you will get to know what are we talking about once you try the server),

• full geodata, 

• advanced antibot/antihack.

• RATES: exp x3, drop x6, adena x6, spoil x9, quests x1. 

• Enabled loop macros (auto farm).

• Skill's auto learning.

• Auto pick-up (excluding raids)

• Balancing skills system designed for substack.

• Max enchant +8 -> success rate 33%. 

• Quest items for 1st and 2nd class transfer for adena.

• Bound Tattoos - 1 of your choice per character (for free).

• Mana potions (mp over time: 10mp per sec, duration 60 sec, delay 5min).

• All the rest is retail-like.

• We are planing fair donations (mostly cosmetic things and exp runes) So everybody has the same chances. We guarantee you that there will be NO pay to win system.
We are currently in closed beta stage.
Open beta (short one) will come before the end of a year 2020.

We are preparing to run long-term server without wipes, so we started to advertise earlier to gather enough players whose like substack. So spread the good news, and ask your friends and clan mates to join us (for now on discord, soon on server Wink )

Check out for more details on our discord

Stay tuned
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NoAdvantage L2 Substack - Classic 1.5
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