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 lionna 7x application

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PostSubject: lionna 7x application   lionna 7x application EmptyWed Oct 01, 2014 9:04 pm

Name: Diego

What is your in-game name?: snowgoon

Class, Level, & Gear: MM 77, dc set, spiritual eye acumen (working on am), c/a jewelry (working on it aswell).

Location and Time Zone: Brazil -3:00

Age: 24

Can you speak, write, and understand English?: perfectly

Lineage 2 History: started on retail back in c2, played till c5 then had to quit due to RL, started over on luna when it was launched, quit some months after due to same thing. Played on some random private server for teh lulz and drama, played a bit on arion too.

Why should you recruit me? I consider myself a good team mate, whose willing to work with the clan in whatever it needs, also, I am willing to pvp very often and give hell to wartags Razz

How many hours do you play a week?: around 60 I guess. it really depends, about 8 hours a day. I cant play at some weekends though, but thats rare.

Ventrilo/Teamspeak/Mumble: yeah of course.

Do I know anyone?: had a brief talk with pokelline

I am trying to form a CP to apply, but damn so many ruskies all around, hard to find english speaking players and non lolbrs.
If you know any cp that needs another nuker let me know.

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lionna 7x application
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