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 L2Pearl 25x Grand Opening 27 March!

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L2Pearl 25x Grand Opening 27 March! Empty
PostSubject: L2Pearl 25x Grand Opening 27 March!   L2Pearl 25x Grand Opening 27 March! EmptyWed Mar 25, 2015 5:27 pm

www l2pearl com

forum l2pearl com

GRAND OPENING : 27/03/2015  18:00 GMT+2

L2Pearl Private Server running Interlude Chronicle[L2OFF PTS].
Free and Unique in every way.
Our team working since 2013 year in constantly on developing the greatest game atmosphere, class balance to offer our players the best Lineage 2 Experience.
Stable economy, constantly working on achieving the highest level of balance.
UNIQUE Source platform Interlude L2OFF heavily developed since first months of 2013.

Experience (XP): x25
Skill Points (SP): x25
Drop (Adena): x15
Drop (Items): x15
Spoil: x15
Seal Stones: x10
Drop (Raid Boss): x8
Drop (Epic Boss): x1
Drop (Epic Boss Jewelry): x1

Drop (Quest Item): x10
Quest Reward: x2

Seductive Whispers
A Game of Cards
Delicious Top Choice Meat
Seekers of the Holy Grail
Guardians of the Holy Grail
The Zero Hour

Drop (Quest Item): x10
Quest Reward: x1

Legacy of Insolence
Supplier of Reagents
The Finest Food
Relics of the Old Empire
Gather The Flames
Exploration of Giants Cave Part 1, 2
Alliance with the Ketra Orcs
War with Ketra Orcs
Alliance with the Varka Silenos
War with the Varka Silenos
Hunt of the Golden Ram Mercenary Force
In Search Of Fragments Of The Dimension    
Drop (Quest Item): x10
Quest Reward: x2

Safe Enchant amount: +3
Max. Enchant amount: +16
Real Chance (for Regular Scrolls): 66%
Real Chance (for Blessed Scrolls): 66%

Flame of Splendor Barakiel: 6 hours / Random + - 1 hour
Valakas: 264 hours / Random + - 1 hour
Antharas: 192 hours / Random + - 1 hour
Baium: 120 hours / Random + - 1 hour
Frintezza: 48 hours / Random + - 1 hour
Zaken: 60 hours / Random + - 1 hour
Core: 60 hours / Random + - 1 hour
Orfen: 48 hours / Random + - 1 hour
Queen Ant: 20 hours / Random + - 1 hour
All Raid Bosses: 24 hours / Random + - 1 hour

Olympiad Period - 2 Weeks
100% working all Interlude features
Buffer 2 hours buff time
Buff slots 24+4 Divine
Autolearn skills
Mana Potion (500MP Delay 3 seconds)
GM Shop up to Top B-grade
Skill: Anti Buff Shield

Bring your friends to the server and get 30.000 Clan Reputation Points!

How it works?

Any clan that is created from the 27 March and has over 10 active members, can participate in the promotion.

Simply create a clan, getting people and then post a reply here with the following data:

Name of the clan:
Nick of the members:
Nick of the leader:

One of the GMs will log into the game once you make the reply in this post and check the clan in order to give the reputation points. You can also inform us a better time to find the leader and all members online.

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L2Pearl 25x Grand Opening 27 March!
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