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 L2 ShadoW - 75x Unique Interlude PVP / 100% Fun - 15/2/2015

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L2 ShadoW - 75x Unique Interlude PVP / 100% Fun  -  15/2/2015 Empty
PostSubject: L2 ShadoW - 75x Unique Interlude PVP / 100% Fun - 15/2/2015   L2 ShadoW - 75x Unique Interlude PVP / 100% Fun  -  15/2/2015 EmptyFri Feb 13, 2015 8:48 pm

www L2Shadow eu

Grand Opening: 15-Feb-2015 / 18:00 GMT +2

>>>Clan reward, clan level 8 and 10.000 Rep points, Sign up now!<<<

Are you tired of the same old thing over and over again? Give us a try you won't be disappointed.

We are powered by Acis. A Rock Solid Interlude emulator, which offers you only the best gameplay.

Rates: XP 75x / SP 75x / Adena 75x / Spoil 5x / Drops 5x / Quest 7x.

Special Zones:
Talking Island / Land of Giants - Party Zone.
The Four Sepulchers - Solo Zone (Medium).  - *NEW*
Elven Fortress - level 76+ / Main Solo Farming (Easy).
Alligator Beach - level 74+.
Elven Forest / Starting zone (Top No Grade gear, at start) up to level 74 - Really Fast LVL / No PK zone.

Special Zone Features:
Custom Drop.
Fun farming & really fast lvl.
Custom Raid Bosses (Wealthy Rewards), 24h Respawn time.
Drop & Spoil Enchant S grade.
Bronze / Silver / Gold Coin Drop.
S grade Weapon, Armor and Jewelry custom Blades & Parts (drop & spoil).
Elven Fortress - S Grade Enchants (drop & spoil).
Boosted Adena.
Wealthy drop reward.
You can play without a spoiler, just it would be quicker.

Talking Island - Land of Giants: - *UNIQUE*
Complete makeover.
Party zone / No safe zones.
Drop & Spoil Blessed S Grade enchant.
Drop & Spoil Normal S Grade enchant.
Topgrade Lifestone Drop & Spoil.
Crystals of Giants Drop & Spoil.
Custom S Grade farming system & C/S/G coins drop.
Codex of Giants Drop & Spoil (low chance).
Custom Raid Boss - Obelisk of Victory.
Talking Island Village - Demon Raid Boss (No safe zone).

Custom Features:
Fun & Easy Special S grade farming system.
Bronze / Silver / Gold Coins.
GMShop & Blacksmith up to S Grade.
Scheme NPC buffer - All buffs / Pet buffer / all buffs 2h duration.
Class Manager (1st, 2nd, 3rd) - Nobless quest items (Caradine).
Free Subclass.
Global Gatekeeper.
Barakiel 4h Respawn - Level 80.
Balanced economy.
Valakas / Baium / Antharas quest items in GMShop.

Custom Items:
Custom Tattoo's (Balanced) - *UNIQUE*.
Forgotten Scrolls (Buff Scrolls) -*UNIQUE*.
Farming items: Custom S grade blades, fragments, parts, coins, crystals, liquids, etc,... -*UNIQUE*
No custom Weapons, a custom Armor may be added later on after opening.
Major Arcana Robe Set improved(balanced)

S Grade Farming System: - *UNIQUE*
Fun & Fast & Easy.
Exchange blades / fragments / parts at the Blacksmith.
Special Zone Specific farming system.
S Grade Enchants drop & spoil inside Custom Zones (Normal & Blessed).

Epic Bosses:
Costum Spawn time, listed on Global GK.
All Grand Bosses are level 80 with 100% drop chance / No useless drops.
All Grand Boss jewelry is S grade.

Other Features:
30 Buff slots.
Spawn protection.
No clan penalty.
Autolearn skills.
Clan Hall weekly fee 500kk adena.
100% working Interlude & Geodata.
Balanced Gameplay.

Enchant Rate:
Safe Enchant +4.
Max Weapon +16.
Max Armor +10.
Normal enchant rate 50%.
Blessed enchant rate 55%.

Offline Shops & Vote Reward:
Offline Shops Simply create a shop and logout, up to 10 days.
Automated vote reward system, wealthy prizes.

www L2Shadow eu
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L2 ShadoW - 75x Unique Interlude PVP / 100% Fun - 15/2/2015
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