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 [L2J] L2Alone MID 2013.06.29 16:00GMT+2

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[L2J] L2Alone MID 2013.06.29 16:00GMT+2 Empty
PostSubject: [L2J] L2Alone MID 2013.06.29 16:00GMT+2   [L2J] L2Alone MID 2013.06.29 16:00GMT+2 EmptyFri Jun 28, 2013 12:10 pm

Dear players, we want to announce about new season in our MID server at 2013/06/29 16:00 GMT+2 ( 2013 June 29 ) . All characters will be deleted and server will be wiped. You will be able to see our fixes/patches, many requested changes and exploits fixed from our last season.

Server website:
Server start date: 2013.06.29 - 16.00 (GMT+2) (2013 June 29)
Client and Platform
Client - Interlude C6.
Server is secured with protection from bot's and other stuff.
Paid Geodata + Pathnodes.

XP - 75x
Party XP - 1.5x
SP - 75x
Drop - 30x
Adena - 50x
Spoil - 30x
Quest Reward - 10x
Quest Drop - 15x
RaidBoss Drop - 10x

*Enchant Rates
Max Enchant - +16
Safe Enchant - +4
Simple Scroll - 58%
Blessed Scroll - 68%
Crystal Scroll - 68%

Olympiad system is every week.
Hero changes every saturday night 24:00(GMT+2).
Olympiad starts at 18:00(GMT+2) and ends at 24:00(GMT+2)
After heroes changes there is 12hours period time.
After period time ends, you will be able to receive hero from monument.
Gate Pass is only exchangeable during period time.

Class change - Free
Subclass - No quest
Buff time - 2 hours
28 Buff Slots + 4 debuff.
Main town Giran.
Fully working Raidbosses.
Fully working Grandbosses.
Fully working Offline shops.
Fully working Sieges.
Fully working Auto Event.
Fully working Augmentation.
Fully working Olympiad.
Scheme buffer
GM Shop up to B-Grade (Can be found at GMSHOP npc).
Wedding manager.
Buffer + Buff Profiles/Schemes.
Merchant of Mammon (Can be found at Giran City ).
Blacksmith of Mammon (Can be found at Giran City ).
Catacombs/Necropolis Gatekeeper

*Server commands
.menu (Bind HWID, Change EXP rate, Change Password and etc..).

Also, we have event, to make your game easier.
Facebook event. Go to our facebook group(You can find it in our website) and participate in event.
Share reward: 30 Donation Points
Like reward: 20 Donation Points
Comment reward: 12 Donation Points!

For more information, you can find in our website!
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[L2J] L2Alone MID 2013.06.29 16:00GMT+2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: [L2J] L2Alone MID 2013.06.29 16:00GMT+2   [L2J] L2Alone MID 2013.06.29 16:00GMT+2 EmptyFri Jun 28, 2013 7:18 pm

no, thanks.
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[L2J] L2Alone MID 2013.06.29 16:00GMT+2
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