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 [L2OFF Gracia Final] ARIA 7x, March 2nd 2012

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PostSubject: [L2OFF Gracia Final] ARIA 7x, March 2nd 2012   Sun Feb 19, 2012 12:52 am

ETA Launch Date: March, 1st 2012
l2.ariagaming . com


  • EXP/SP - 7x
  • Adena - 8x
  • Quests - 7x
  • Drop/Spoil - 7x
  • Raids (Epics included) - 1x


  • L2OFF Gracia Final. (Revision 87 Fully working, unlike every other server with Revision 83)
  • Retail-like low-rate environment.
  • All Raids retail-like.
  • Custom Anti-cheat system. (Not fake)
  • Offline shops.
  • Two clients allowed per player.
  • NO unbalanced donations (hats, agathions, etc only.)

Team of experienced L2 developers we do not have to rely on bought files like many other servers do but instead develop our own extender from scratch so that we have full control over all updates.

  • Fyyre:
  • rndbit:
  • Veskya:

Social Networks:

  • facebook. com /AriaGaming
  • twitter. com/#!/AriaGaming
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[L2OFF Gracia Final] ARIA 7x, March 2nd 2012
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