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 [L2OFF] Dragon-Network HellRaiser x25

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PostSubject: [L2OFF] Dragon-Network HellRaiser x25   Sun Sep 06, 2015 12:19 pm

Hellbound x25 server - SUBSTACK! (25.9.2015 19:00 GMT +1)


    x25 adena/exp/sp*
    x12 drop/spoil
    x10 sealstones*
    x5 knight epaluettes (fortress - castle instance raids etc related quests)*
    x5 fishing*
    x5 manor*

Quests: x10 drop; x2 reward

    Seductive Whispers
    A Game of Cards
    Delicious Top Choice Meat
    Seekers of the Holy Grail
    Guardians of the Holy Grail
    The Zero Hour
    Clean up the Swamp of Screams

Quests: x10 drop; x1 reward

    Hunt of The Golden Ram Mercenary Force
    Legacy of Insolence
    Supplier of Reagents
    The Finest Food
    Relics of the Old Empire
    Gather The Flames
    Exploration of Giants Cave Part 1, 2
    Alliance with the Ketra Orcs
    Alliance with the Varka Silenos
    Hunt of the Golden Ram Mercenary Force
    In Search Of Fragments Of The Dimension

Quests: x5 drop; x1 reward

    War with Ketra Orcs
    War with the Varka Silenos


    TBA cycle

7 signs


Epic Raids & Barakiel

    Subclass / Nobless raids (Cabrio,Hallate,Kernon,Golkonda,Barakiel): 6 hr +- 1 hr random
    Valakas: 11 days +- 1 hr random
    Antharas: 8 days +- 1 hr random
    Frintezza: 40 hr +- 1hr random
    Queen Ant: 19 hr +- 1 hr random
    Core: 37 hr +- 1 hr random
    Orfen: 28 hr +- 1 hr random*
    All epics are lvl 85*
    Add pvp zone to all epics


    *To be discussed with the community
    Detailed list TBA
    No items affecting authentic gameplay.
    You may see the detailed shop ingame on OBT.

Earn Real Money

    Donate Coin cashout option, system to be announced on forums


    FREE Offline trade ticket
    EXP On/Off feature
    Schemebuffer (obt all buffs are available | live = 2nd class buffs without dances songs and resists)
    PvP - League of Legends mode, more info read on forum
    2 chars + main rule3rd party software protection (ban on login)
    Gracia Buffbar (20+4 divine buffslot books + 12 dance/songs)*
    1st, 2nd, 3rd class FREE of charge
    Mana potion with overtime system
    Hellbound (AtoD): x5 + tradeable/sellable
    Anti DDoS protection
    Retail Events
    PvP tournaments


    Rename Character
    Change gender
    Clan rename
    Change email of the account
    Color nick / title
    2nd chance unban

What we offer

    Multi-Sub mid rate for comfortable game
    L2OFF PTS Platform (NOT JAVA)
    Proxy system on login to reduce delays, adjust routing to ppl
    International Community
    Players invited from all around the world, that means advertisement goes to Russia,America and Latin America,Eu
    Security and safety
    Quality and stability
    Network ONLINE since 2005.Start: 25/09/2015 19hr gmt+1

Open Beta Test server is LIVE right now!
* all your old Dragon-Network accounts WILL work on HellRaiser as well!
- To register NEW account, please visit our homepage

- JOIN our community for suggestions and creative discussion you may have.

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PostSubject: Re: [L2OFF] Dragon-Network HellRaiser x25   Sun Sep 06, 2015 12:30 pm

gonna have some fun there with friends, looks pretty fun
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PostSubject: Re: [L2OFF] Dragon-Network HellRaiser x25   Sun Sep 06, 2015 2:06 pm

What happened with the non stack sub they were gona open?

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PostSubject: Re: [L2OFF] Dragon-Network HellRaiser x25   Sun Sep 06, 2015 2:27 pm

zfury wrote:
What happened with the non stack sub they were gona open?
Hello Zfury, thanks for your interest in our project.
We decided to go on with the sub-stack, since its our original trademark for past 10 years.
We believe this game is too old to be played in its default way, and that we have to offer something different from others. I also have to inform you that opening a retail servers require minimum of skills or no skills at all. After you buy an extender , its literally ctrl. c/v. Substack trills us to work and we tend to offer players something unique but keeping the gameplay balanced.

Feel free to visit our forum/homepage to inform more about this system, and you will realize that it is really good.

Best regards
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PostSubject: Re: [L2OFF] Dragon-Network HellRaiser x25   Mon Sep 07, 2015 8:44 pm

07.09.2015 Changelog

-Fixed DN Potions, no more buffs removed by them
New method: You can use only 1 of the potions by your choice at the same time except combat haste potion, so total of 2 potions are available.
(KNOWN ISSUE: combat haste pot stacks with haste buff now, will be changed back after rr)

-Fixed skill Eye of Pa'agrio, no more stacks with Death Whisper.
-Slightly decreased dagger blow's lethal rate.
-Changed Blessing of Eva reuse time from 900s to static 300s
-Changed Blink reuse 60s->40s
-Changed Warp reuse 60s->40s
-Added soul barrier kamael skill +time enchant route with changed abnormal times +30 = total of 20s
(require clientupdate)
-Added Real Target +100 casting_range that means:
lv1. 500->600
lv2. 550->650
lv3. 600->700
lv4. 700->800

-Added more range to skill Incrase Range:
lv1. 150->200
lv2. 300->400

-Changed Deflect Arrow effect:
before -> after
lv1. 16% resist bow, 8% resist crossbow -> 8%;4%;-8% M. Atk, -2% PvP Physical Skill Damage
lv2. 24% resist bow, 12% resist crossbow -> 12%;6%;-10% M. Atk, -3% PvP Physical Skill Damage
lv3. 32% resist bow, 16% resist crossbow -> 16%;8%;-12% M. Atk, -5% PvP Physical Skill Damage
lv4. 40% resist bow, 20% resist crossbow -> 20%;10%;-15% M. Atk, -6% PvP Physical Skill Damage

-DN Heavy armor mastery - 20% crit reduction (from 35), -5% physical skill damage, -5% bow p.atk
-Changed skill: Duelist Spirit, upon using the skill pdef and mdef is decreased slightly, scaled by enchantment level. (+30 = total of -8% mdef;pdef)
-Added pvp zones to epics
-Added anti-exploit to zaken doors
-Boosted Gludio fortress npcs to 85 -> need tests to boost their stats.
-Fixed Donny multisell, now all items can be bought

-Added test ALT+B community board, currently only home page and shop page, rest remain for tomorrow.
(need to rework database tables for bbs retail functions .. i.e: clan,friends, memo page)

The staff is testing nerfs, skill changes that will be finally applied on live server, expect multiple restarts

The update I said for yesterday night haven't finished in time, so right now those changes are active.

These skills gained the following additional enchant options:+Fire, +Earth, +Water, +Wind
Triple Sonic Slash
Sonic Storm
Sonic Blaster
Double Sonic Slash
Triple Slash
Sonic Buster
Force Burst
Force Storm
Force Blaster
Hurricane Assault
Fatal Counter
Crush of Doom
Lethal Shot
Evade Shot
Lethal Blow
Critical Blow
Shoulder Charge
Crushing Pain
Storm Assault
Slashing Blade
Triple Thrust
Shining Edge
Twin Shot
Rising Shot
Rush Impact

These skills gained the following misc. enchant options:
Demon Wind +Wind
Soul of Pain +Dark
Dark Flame +Dark
Annihilation Circle +Dark
Leopold +Fire
Dark Smash +Dark
Checkmate + Dark

Keep in mind: nerfs are not yet final, we are testing them to make the best possible balance
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PostSubject: Re: [L2OFF] Dragon-Network HellRaiser x25   Sun Sep 13, 2015 2:18 pm

Hello everyone,

Help us promote the server and win prizes! The event will be separated into 2 phrases.
1st phrase ends on grand opening day: 25.09.2015
2nd phrase ends on 09.10.2015
Rewards will only be given if there are minimum 5 people who participate at the event !

This event is called "The Raising Star", in it if you help us spread the word about DN's HellRaiser x25, you will be rewarded.
Present our server on websites, forums, facebook groups.
Restriction: post only on Lineage 2 related websites, forums, facebook groups, the rest will not be counted.
It's prohibited to post on other server's/project's website/forum, will result of a disqualification from the event.

- One post on a Lineage 2 related forum = 1 advertising point
- Share any post about Hellraiser on Facebook= 0.5 advertising point
- One post on Russian Facebook/VK group/forum = 2 advertise points

As a proof of advertising, post a image or the link of it.
Post link or the image, in the link below:,288783.0.html

Reward Coin = possibility to buy stuffs in game, example: masks, hats, runes, tattoos etc.

The first three will win:

1. 500 Reward Coins
2. 250 Reward Coins
3. 100 Reward Coins

Advertising list:

You can use our own Advertising codes or you can make yours but it must include: Dragon-Network HellRaiser, rates, features and Live date.

Premade ad:

Dragon-Network HellRaiser - Hellbound Substack x25

XP: x25
SP: x25
ADENA: x25
DROP: 12x
SPOIL: 12x
-Old Method: increases amount upon overflow 100% chance
KNIGHT EPAULETTE: x5 (fortress - castle instance raids etc related quests)*
PARTY EXP: retail
BOOSTED QUESTS: x10 -> x5 (see full list on forum or features page)

Weekly sieges with reduced available castles.
Earn money straight to your paypal playing on Dragon-Network
Gracia Buffbar
and many more good features to provide you relaxing gameplay and fun
find out more on our website and forums
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PostSubject: Re: [L2OFF] Dragon-Network HellRaiser x25   Mon Sep 14, 2015 9:10 am

Confirmed Clan rewards event is ON!

Hello there,

Every confirmed clans who are decided to join our new server will receive the following rewards to clan leaders:

1x HellRaiser Hat Unique not tradeable accessory
400x Reward Coins
Clan LvL 5

Please apply here in the topic in order to receive the rewards later on.

Clan Name:
Members count:

*NOTICE: Every clan will be manually checked before rewarded. We will be checking credibility of the clan itself, activity and population
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PostSubject: Re: [L2OFF] Dragon-Network HellRaiser x25   Fri Sep 25, 2015 7:58 pm

Server is UP!

Goodluck all!
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PostSubject: Re: [L2OFF] Dragon-Network HellRaiser x25   Sat Oct 10, 2015 6:33 am

Postman wrote:
gonna have some fun there with friends, looks pretty fun

ever end up playing there?
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PostSubject: Re: [L2OFF] Dragon-Network HellRaiser x25   

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[L2OFF] Dragon-Network HellRaiser x25
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