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 L2Cosmic DRS 20x-4x: A Modest Proposal

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PostSubject: L2Cosmic DRS 20x-4x: A Modest Proposal   Tue Dec 23, 2014 1:57 am

"Five months of work, all wrapped up, superior gameplay, no corruption, limited donations, retail-like, I present L2Cosmic"

l2cosmic*com  |  |  facebook*com/l2cosmic  |  twitter*com/l2cosmic  | Skype: L2CosmicGM

Greetings Tempest,

I am the owner and project manager of L2Cosmic, the promising new H5 server that's been in development since June of 2014. I came here by recommendation from within your ranks, a few of you have now come into contact with me and asked me to do a pitch on these forums.

So here is my brief introduction.

My name is Granny and I am an ex-Gustin and Bartz player that went by many names in the past, but I am by no means a well-known legend like Dontlookatme. However, I have played with these great guys and boy were those the days! After the collapse of Bartz and, what I like to call the good chronicles, I was left browsing through private servers without purpose. I have played RPG Club, Dex, ShockWorld, Toxic, and many others, you name it, I've likely been there at one point or another. Eventually in 2014, I became fed up with how bad this private scene became, with Tales and RPG Club at the pinnacle of corruption, I decided to embark on the journey of creating the best possible server I could muster up. I'm an engineer by trade, so I figured it would not be difficult for me to pick up the work and perfect it.

I started to work alone in June of 2014. I put together a team not long after. We went through many hardships, my fellow engineers, but we think the final outcome is nothing short of perfection. We've been given nothing but praise and congratulations by all types of players, even those that play interlude, exclusively. I've truly poured my blood and sweat into this project and it is my greatest pleasure, as an ex-player, to bring this beautiful game I once enjoyed back up to the standard that I once knew. And we have done exactly this. L2Cosmic is our personal achievement as a Canadian team in this largely European L2 world, and we're very proud of the results.

This is my personal history, Tempest, as the owner and manager of my great team. I'm not begging you to join our server, nor am I offering any cash intensives as others might. I am simply asking you to support us because it is in the best interest of all players to rebuild this community and not leave it segregated in the hands of corruption. Because I truly believe that with your help, we can do anything as a community. And maybe we can change the current state of things together as we grow and flourish into something more than just a private server. I've promised the L2 community no corruption. I've never gone back on my word. And I don't plan to start now.

I hope you enjoyed this read. It came from the heart. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me any time.

JANUARY 04, 2015

JANUARY 10, 2015

Follow us on Twitch


  • Five months of dedicated work can be followed on our Facebook page.
  • Superior game play, built from the heart, relive your memories of retail.
  • No GM corruption or major exploits to ruin server or economy standard.
  • Best L2J files, L2-Scripts, highly sought after by most serious projects.
  • Anti-botting team paid to ban botters that have been reported by /GM.
  • Two DDOS scrubbers, HyperFilter Enterprise and private contractor.
  • Engineering team, the finest bunch of Canadians you'll ever meet!
  • No game breaking donations and no private donations whatsoever.
  • Vote script with anti-spam, no edge votes, simple process, unique.

  • Truly international and multicultural support staff.
  • Support in Russian, English, and Portuguese.
  • Dedicated server, great specs. Upgrades possible.
  • Infrastructure developed from the ground up.
  • Large advertising budget already in effect.

HIGH FIVE CHRONICLE * Pack by * L2J Assembly * Dynamic Rates

XP: 20x-4x
SP: 20x-4x
AA/Adena: 8x
Drops: 5x
RB Drop: 5x
Quest: 1x
Spoil: 5x
Manor: 2x
Fishing: 5x
Weight: 1x
Enchant: 60%
Blessed: 65%
Subclass max: 80
Element stone: 50%
Element crystal: 35%
safe enchant: +3
max enchant: +16
Hero cycle: retail
Sieges/TW: retail
Multi-box - VIP: max 4
Multi-box +VIP: max 4

Anti-ddos: hyperfilter/private
Anti-botting #1: custom algorithm
Anti-botting #2: .report command
Anti-botting #3: LameGuard
Anti-botting #4: live support
Event cycle: daily/seasonal
Geodata: updated
.Offline: VIP ONLY
.Buffstore: disabled
Auctioneer: enabled
Vitality: enabled
Curse swords: enabled
Donate Items: limited
Donate Class: up to 2nd
Autopick: VIP ONLY
NPC Buffs: disabled
Wedding: disabled
NPC Teleport: disabled
Buff duration: retail

Server Time: GMT+1
Server Host: Hetzner
Location: Nuremberg, Germany
Machine: PSX-70
CPU: Intel® Xeon® E3-1270
Hardrive: 2x480 GB SSD
Connection: 1 GBps

Make the right choice. Come support us at L2Cosmic.

I'll leave you with some photos of our community board.

All the best and Happy Holidays!


Luxury shop in Retail 2.0 at L2Cosmic.

Event manager: item rewards for event coins at L2Cosmic.

CB home: explaining features of the server, how to donate, etc.

CB donate: all donation coins are spent here, including class change (up to 2nd), consumables, accessories, PA, etc.

CB event: register for events using this tab if u miss the auto-time reminder.

CB stats: check the stats of your friendly players. How good are you in comparison?

CB clan: check out clans and their respective leaders. Contact them for info on joining.

CB party: excellent party matching system if you're looking to grind in a group or CP.

CB library: drop calculator to find item drop from mobs/spoils. It's attuned to display % chance in our correct rates.

CB friends: improved friends list to manage your buddies and delete your new enemies.

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PostSubject: Re: L2Cosmic DRS 20x-4x: A Modest Proposal   Tue Dec 23, 2014 8:37 pm

looks cool, but most here are f1 interlude warriors Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: L2Cosmic DRS 20x-4x: A Modest Proposal   Tue Dec 23, 2014 10:11 pm

Hi Gr4mpy,

Yes, we're quite cool! Very Happy

But we're more than just cool. Come check us out. Players have begun to realize that our project is what they've often been longing to play. It is a server built by players, for players. So you can't go wrong to swing by at the beta and judge for yourself Wink

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PostSubject: Re: L2Cosmic DRS 20x-4x: A Modest Proposal   Tue Dec 23, 2014 11:04 pm

L2j H5, dreams come true
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PostSubject: Re: L2Cosmic DRS 20x-4x: A Modest Proposal   Tue Dec 23, 2014 11:16 pm

Well, L2J was the platform of choice because it gives us more freedom to work in a direction that we find enticing. L2OFF was an option; however, it is a little more difficult to tweak in regards to what we were looking to accomplish.

We've attuned a few things in H5 to resemble GF, as it was GF that was my personal favourite.

For example, the lux shop is all in crystals as it once was in previous chronicles.

We care about the state of this game, quite a bit in actuality. And this passion is not only reflected in our work, but in our attitude as well. For a legendary clan like Tempest to show up at our open beta and choose Cosmic, it would be a big thing for us. And I'd be very grateful for your support.

Let your leader know we're alive Wink. And that I'm always free to discuss anything that may be on his or her mind.


Last edited by GrannyCosmic on Tue Dec 23, 2014 11:17 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : spelling mistake)
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PostSubject: Re: L2Cosmic DRS 20x-4x: A Modest Proposal   Tue Dec 23, 2014 11:30 pm

i aprciate your interest , but h5 is not a chronicle of our choice , its more for random players , we allready got servers for winter planned , good luck with your project granny.

Josh says:
zlokob i am not a retard
i know you
are scum bag rat gypsy
and also sneaky
you have huge zerg planned for this server
you are already making effect of server
by influence the moron admin
to adjust server to your benefit
and you are calling people from the dead
to come farm for you
on server launch
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PostSubject: Re: L2Cosmic DRS 20x-4x: A Modest Proposal   Tue Dec 23, 2014 11:37 pm

Sure thing.

Thanks for the response my friend. All the best.

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PostSubject: Re: L2Cosmic DRS 20x-4x: A Modest Proposal   

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L2Cosmic DRS 20x-4x: A Modest Proposal
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