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 Lineage ][ Hell - Interlude 30x 12-Dec-2014

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PostSubject: Lineage ][ Hell - Interlude 30x 12-Dec-2014   Sun Dec 07, 2014 1:02 am

www L2Hell com

Opening: 12-Dec-2014 17.00 GMT+1 (Central EU time)

                                                             Rates: Xp 30x / Sp 30x/ Adena 30x / Spoil 7x/ Drop 7x / Quet 7x / Seal stone 7x

Basic Features:
>>>>>DDoS Protection<<<<<
100% working Interlude. (Everything works, we're not kidding)
Premium quality stable server files.
Premium Geodata.
Offical gameplay quality.
No custom weapons /armor / jewelery .
Balanced game system.
Main town yet to be decided.
Offline Shops.
Active Staff.
GM shop till top B grade / A&S grade retail with custom boost on Primeval Island.
Midrate / PVP Server.

Custom features:
General buffs, songs and dances last 2 hours.
Prophecies last 45 minutes.
CoV / Gift of Queen last 7 minutes.
Auto-learn skills
Olympiad 1 week.
Subclass & Nobless items in GM shop.

Safe enchant: +3
Max Enchant: +16
Normal Enchant Chance: 50%
Blessed Enchant Chance: 55%

Clan Halls:
Giran & Aden 1kkk Adena per week.
Others 700kk Adena per week.
Priority for active clans.

Primeval Isle:
Added more Tyrannosaurus all over the island.
Global GK and NPC Buffers on PI Beach.
S Grade Weapon & Armor Recipe (100%).
A Grade weapon & armor drop.

Starting Area:
Elven Village starting point for all races.
A little starting bonus for everyone.

Automated scheduled events.
Team vs Team / Death Match / More to come...
Event Reward Shop with rich prizes.

Automated Vote Reward System:
Vote Medals / Adena / Gifts.
Vote Reward Shop with rich prizes.
Voters get 30% more Vote Medals after 100 votes.

Custom NPCs:
GM Shop up to B grade.
NPC buffers- 2nd class buffs.
Class Changer(1st,2nd,3rd).
Account manager NPC in Giran - password change.
Event & Vote reward shop.
Global GK.
Wedding Priest.
Bounty Hunter.
Grand Boss Status Informer.
Siege Informer in Giran.
Achievement Manager.
Merchant & Blacksmith of Mammon in Giran.

Modified Raids & Spawn time:
Flame of Splendor Barakiel - Level 80 / 4 hours.
Queen Ant - Level 80 / 48 hours +-1 hour .
Zaken - Level 80 / 48 hours +-1 hour.
Orfen - Level 80 / 24 hours +-1hour.
Core - Level 80 / 24 hours +-1hour.
Antharas - Level 80 / 120 hours +-1hour.
Baium - Level 80 / 72 hours +-1hour.
Valakas - Level 85 / 144 hours +-1hour.
Frintezza - Level 85 / 50 hours +-1hour.
Sailren - Level 80 / 24 hours +-1hour.

www L2Hell com
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Lineage ][ Hell - Interlude 30x 12-Dec-2014
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