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 L2Deathland.Lt Mid 2014-03-16

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PostSubject: L2Deathland.Lt Mid 2014-03-16   Thu Mar 13, 2014 6:46 pm

Start date: 2014-03-16, 15:00GMT+2(Sunday).
There are few events, that are made for advertisement purposes.Please, check our website to get more information

About server

XP - 75x
Party XP - 1.5x
SP - 75x
Drop - 15x
Adena - 50x
Spoil - 35x
Quest Reward - 3x
Quest Drop - 10x
RaidBoss Drop - 15x
Zero Hour Reward - 2x

Enchant Rates
Max Enchant - +16
Safe Enchant - +4
Simple Scroll - 58%
Blessed Scroll - 64%
Crystal Scroll - 64%

Olympiad Information
Olympiad Starts - 18.00 (GMT+2).
Olympiad Ends - 24.00 (GMT+2).
Hero changes every - Sunday 24.00 (GMT+2).
Hero can be received from Monument of Heroes.
Olympiad Points have to be exchanged on Sundays.

Additional Information
Class change - Free/No quest.
Subclass - No quest
Buff time - 2 hours
28 Buff Slots + 4 debuff.
Main town Giran.
Fully working Raidbosses.
Fully working Grandbosses.
Fully working Offline shops.
Fully working Sieges.
Fully working Auto Events.
Macro engine (full armor equip).
Augmentation skills.
Global Olympiad.
Scheme buffer.
Ideally balanced classes (done in Olympiad environment).
Enchant limit for items in olympiad is +6.

Server Commands

.menu (Change password, fix stuck character and etc..).

Epic bosses zones
Queen Ant Zone limited to 31-49 lvl characters.
Core Zone limited to 41-59 lvl characters.
Orfen Zone limited to 41-59 lvl characters.
Zaken Zone limited to 51-69 lvl characters.

Server NPC's
GM Shop up to B-Grade (Can be found at GMSHOP npc).
Event Shop (Can be found at GMSHOP npc).
Donation Shop (Can be found at Giran City Center).
Wedding manager.
Buffer + Buff Profiles/Schemes.
Merchant of Mammon (Can be found at Giran City Center).
Blacksmith of Mammon (Can be found at Giran City Center).
Changer (You can convert AA at GMSop).
Catacombs/Necropolis Gatekeeper (Seperate NPC).
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L2Deathland.Lt Mid 2014-03-16
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